Tapestry Clubhouse at Mattamy Homes | Pool Deck Before & After | Fire Pit, Patio & Steps Paver Installation and Sealed | Clean & Seal | The OASIS Club | Pavers

One of our beautiful pool paver installations was at the Tapestry Clubhouse at Mattamy House. We used elegant pavers to create a stunning pool deck area that really added some extra aesthetic appeal. While we do focus on the aesthetics and ensure that the design of all our paver installations blends in seamlessly with the other features in the landscape, we also prioritize the safety and functionality aspects and design features accordingly. This means you get a beautiful poolscape that is safe to use and one that will provide years of enjoyment and leisure. Only the best materials and workmanship are used in our paver installations and this increases the longevity of the features. When you won’t compromise on the quality of your pool paver installations, the only company you need to call is Legacy Pavers, LLC.

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Tapestry Clubhouse at Mattamy Homes
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Tapestry Clubhouse at Mattamy Homes
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Tapestry Clubhouse at Mattamy Homes
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