Flagstones Walls

See our fine collection of segmental block flagstones walls.

GeoStone Wall Block GeoStone Wall Block
GeoStone is a hollow-core, split face textured product that has all the looks for making beautiful decorative landscaping walls and more than enough strength to build a fully structural retaining wall.
  Wall CapWall Cap
Wall Cap is a solid, double sided, split face textured product that can be used as a cap for any type of retaining wall or decorative landscape wall. This product can also be used for steps, to create a planter box, or, to define landscape edging.
GeoStone Wall System OverviewGeoStone Wall System Overview
This overview explains why the GeoStone Retaining Wall System is ideal for structural retaining walls, landscape walls, seawalls, planter boxes, landscape edging, etc.
  Retaining Wall/Wall Cap Color GuideRetaining Wall/Wall Cap Color Guide
See our Retaining Wall & Wall Cap Color Guide for available colors
Construction of an Unreinforced WallConstruction of an Unreinforced Wall
An example of a typical UnReinforced GeoStone installation.
  Construction of a Reinforced WallConstruction of a Reinforced Wall
An example of a typical Reinforced GeoStone installation.
The Diggs Corner DetailThe Diggs Corner Detail
GeoStone's versatile Diggs Corner detail makes a great looking and well constructed wall corner.